Sunday, 18 September 2016

Fake Tan

 As summer is coming to an end and Autumn/Winter is setting in, no more summer sun to keep my skin a lovely natural bronzed shade so I have to resort to sunbeds and fake tan to keep my skin glowing all year round!
My go to products at the moment are St Moritz in the mousse or Dove Summer Glow for medium to dark skin.  I'm not a naturally pale person so I do pick up the darker shade of the tans.
You can pick them both up anywhere from Boots, Superdrug, Home Bargains and Bodycare for less than £4.
If I want a proper full coverage tan for an event or night out with the girls I usually use the St Moritz, but if I want a more natural everyday hint of tan, I will apply the Dove, as it is a lot more natural.
They do both have a fake tan biscuity smell to them, but it not too bad!
I like to apply them the night before and sleep in some loose comfy pjs to get the most from the tan, and if you keep your sin moisturised they will last upto a week!
If you would like a full review and how I apply please leave comments below :)

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