Saturday, 10 September 2016

All about Lips

Sorry I have been a bit quiet these past 2 weeks, I have been soooo busy at work I haven't been able to get my head into writing a blog post, but I am back, after a good nights sleep, a lazy weekend off work and time to get some posts wrote. 

Today I'm going to be talking all things lips, going through the products that I have and what are my fav, and also some of the products that I want to try out, and have yet to get my hands on.

I haven't got a HUGE collection of lip products, but it is slowly growing!

Stand I ordered from Ebay, it is an acrylic lipstick/lipgloss holder.
This keeps them all together neat and tidy

Tanya Burr Lipgloss

Mac Lipsticks

Mac Liquid Lipstick
I first got Tanya Burr lipgloss from her first collection that she brought out and I LOVED them.  She has brought out such a beautiful range of colours that are really pigmented, and apply so well to the lips without leaving them sticky like some glosses do.  The packaging is really nice and with the little heart on top it is so cute.  They last really well and smell amazing.  The names that she has for all her products too are so cute.

In my collection I have:
Chic - a nude/light brown shade
Picnic in the park - a light pink shade
First Date - a baby pink shade
Just Peachy - a really light pink/peach shade
Afternoon Tea - nude/pink shade
Aurora - my fav slightly lighter nude/pink shade
Smile, Dream, Sparkle - looks quite pink but quite clear with a slight sparkle

From her new collection/packaging I have Daydream - this is a lovely nude shade and defo one of my favs.

The reds that she has in her collection look so nice too but I don't wear that colour often so I haven't yet added one to my collection.

MAC have really good lipsticks and have such a good collection to choose from with a range of shades and finishes.  I have a few different ones in my collection.

The first ever colours that I got are pinks, one is a baby pink and one slightly darker - Saint Germain (Amplified) and Pink Nouveau (Satin) I haven't worn these for a while as I don't think the colours suit me as well as they used to do and I prefer more of a matte lip at the moment.
I have Velvet Teddy (matte) which is a lovely darker nude colour and goes really well with Spice lip liner.
I also have Please Me (matte) and Snob (Satin) - they are really nice pink shades.  Please Me goes really well with Velvet Teddy to make a nice nude/pink shade.

When MAC brought out the liquid lipsticks, I was really excited as I hadn't managed to find myself one yet that I liked so I was happy when I new I could order these.  I got the Divine Divine shade in Matte and was so excited to try it, but I was a bit disappointed.  I found that it was quite a thin texture and didn't apply well to my lips.  I found that it applied too much products with the doe foot applicator and left marks on my lips where I had applied.  It wasn't smooth at all and did dry my lips out abit.  I have tried to apply this with a lip brush which did work better but not overally impressed with it.

I also have a few lip products from Kiko which I do find are really nice and the packaging is quite cute, and I love the lip butters from Maybelline.  I tend to use these more in autumn/winter as they are very hydrating so don't dry my lips out.  I will do a separate post on these as I have run out of a few of them so need to purchase some more, so look out for it soon :)

If you would like swatches of these products please let me know in the comments and I can add them to the post or create a new one with swatches of them all :)

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