Sunday, 28 August 2016

Baking Cupcakes

Last weekend, I  thought I would get out my recipe book and make some cupcakes.  I also wanted to attempt cake pops as they look fun and easy to make. (I am no expert baker by any means) 
I used my recipe book (which I don't often use!) and found some chocolate cupcakes.
I don't often use melted chocolate when I make cupcakes I normally add cocoa powder to my mixture so I thought it would be good to try something new.
I spent the afternoon, mixing, getting flour everywhere, melting chocolate and baking batch after batch of cupcakes.  I only have one try to out the cases in so I had 3 lots to put in the oven.
They came out well and I made chocolate butter cream icing to add to the top and hundreds and thousands to decorate!
I left 5 cakes to the side to try and make cake pops with.  I looked on you tube for a quick easy way to make them and I set to it.  I do need to make the chocolate a thinner consistency next time but they didn't turn out too bad for a first time!
I need to improve on my decorating skills but the cakes always taste yummy.  And the office like it when I take in cakes for them all to eat :)
I wont often make posts like this on here (as I don't often bake and when I do it is usually a chocolate cake!) but if you would like to see more of this then let me know :)

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