Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Makeup Revolution Precision Oval Brushes - REVIEW

I recently purchased these brushed from Tam Beauty and I am very happy with them.
There are 8 brushes in the collection in total:
  • Large Oval Face
  • Oval Face
  • Oval Cheek
  • Oval Shape
  • Oval Eye
  • Oval Flat Eye
  • Round Blending Eye
  • Brush Eyeliner
You can buy these in a set of all 8 for £45
I bought the set of 3, Oval Face, Oval Cheek and Oval Shape, as I thought these were the ones that I would use the most.  These were £20 which I thought was good value.  They also do a precision eye kit or you can buy each brush individually.  The brushes range from £5 to £12 individually.
I received them in the post 3 days after ordering (I got them Thurs) and I have used them every day since.  I like the way that they came in a box and each brush labelled.  They have a lovely rose gold handle and the brushes are super soft.  Much more soft than I thought they would be.
My foundation goes on so smooth and flawless, it blends my foundation really well and makes it easy to be able to buff the foundation into your skin for a medium coverage or to apply a bit more for a fuller coverage.  I use the face brush for my foundation and the shape brush for my concealer.  I tried the cheek brush with my powder and it did pick up enough product but I do prefer my sponge for baking my concealer.  I personally think these are best used for cream products although it did apply my blusher quite well.
I used to always use my beauty blender to apply my foundation but I can definitely say that I think these are a new favourite.  They don't soak up too much of the product either.  I cleaned them this morning by spraying some of my Makeup brush Cleanser form Superdrug onto a cotton pad and gently buffing the brush in circular motions and it cleaned them well.
The brushes are a little bit flexible so I would recommend placing a finger on the back of the head of the brush whilst holding the handle while using them but they are really easy and comfortable to use. 
Below are some photos of my brushes and a link to the website where you can purchase them.  I definitely want to buy the whole collection now that I have tried 3 of them as I do think I will get a lot of use out of them, for lots of different purposes :)
Thank you to makeup revolution for bringing out and affordable and really good range of the oval brush.


Makeup Brush Cleanser


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