Sunday, 9 October 2016

More New Make Up!

In my last post I did a quick review on the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette.  Whilst in Debenhams purchasing that I pick up a couple of other products.  You know what its like, you go in looking for one thing, enquire about something else and before you know it you have tried out soooo many products and walked away with a few more than what you originally went in for!
You can never have toooo much make up....Right?!?

First of all I picked up a new gighlighter.  I have seen so many people use this product and when I saw it in person I loved the colour.

I went for the Mary-Lou Manizer by 'The Balm'

The colour of this is beautiful, I fell in love as soon as I saw it.  My main highlighter for the past 12 months has been Mac 'Soft & Gentle' but I have been at the bottom of the pan for a while now so thought it was time I tried out a new one. 
It is the perfect shade and it is buildable so you don't have to be too careful when applying it and you can build it up depending on the occasion.  I personally wear highlighter and contour everyday and this is perfect.
The next thing I picked up is a new concealer.  I had seen that Kat Von D was coming to Debenhams and i got so excited.  The products are not in the store near me yet so i had to order this online.  I would recommend trying the colour out before you buy a concealer. 
I picked up the 'Lock-It Concealer Cream' in the shade 9 Light which has a neutral undertone.  There are 21 different shades of this product, and it comes with a dofus applicator which makes it easy to apply.  Had I chosen this in store I would have got a slightly darker colour but this concealer blends soooo well.  Even though it is a little bit light for me it highlights under my eyes well, conceals anything that I need it to and blends well into my foundation so there isn't a huge difference in colour where it is blended out.  It is quite thick and full coverage but I am in love with this product too and will definitely be purchasing some more shades when they are in store.
Last but not least I got a new matte liquid lipstick.  I tried out the Too Faced ones that they had in store but they only had 4 shades so I had to order the colour that I wanted online.
I got this in the colour 'Miso Pretty' it is a soft nude pink shade.  I do wish I could have tried this in store as it does look completely different on my lips that what I thought.  For me to get the colour that I wanted it to be I need to put a matte lipstick underneath it.  I have been using Velvet Teddy from Mac and I think the two colours complement each other really well.  This is long lasting and dries very quickly with no marks showing where you have applied it.
Another thing I love about these 3 products is the packaging.  They are all beautiful to look at and the concealer is not going to smudge all around the lid.  These are the first products of the brands that I have tried but I will definitely be going back to try more, so if there are any that you recommend, leave a comment below, and I will be back with another review/make up haul soon :)

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