Sunday, 15 January 2017

Advent Calendar 2016

Hello, I know this post is maybe a little bit late but I couldn't write this post until all of the doors had been opened.  For the last couple of years I have had a beauty advent calendar to count the days down to Christmas.  Danny chose it for me as a surprise so I had no idea what I was going to get behind each door.  He got the advent calendar from Boots and it was a Lancôme one, but it also contained some products from other brands.

I have not yet tried the products in the calendar as I like to wait until I have them all to use them together.  If you follow meom Instagram you will have seen what I got behind each door (if not go checkout my instagram)

I have put photos of what I got below and listed each product by day.

Day 1: YSL Black Opium perfume
Day 2: Lancôme anti stress moisturising cream
Day 3: Lancôme black eyeliner
Day 4: Viktor and Rolf Bon Bon perfume
Day 5: YSL Touche Èclat blur primer
Day 6: Lancôme volume mascara
Day 7: Lancôme cleanser
Day 8: Lancôme La vie eat belle perfume
Day 9: Lancôme cleansing fluid
Day 10: Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb perfume
Day 11: Lancômeyouth activating serum
Day 12: Lancôme energie de vie soothing and glow boosting liquid care
Day 13: Lancôme eye cream
Day 14: Lancôme doll eyes mascara
Day 15: YSL Black Opium perfume
Day 16: Lancôme red nail varnish
Day 17: Lancôme beauty sleep protector multi correcting gel-in-oil
Day 18: Lancôme toner
Day 19: Lancôme multi lift cream
Day 20: Lancôme volume a porter mascara
Day 21: YSL instant moisture glow
Day 22: Ralph Lauren romance perfume
Day 23: YSL eyeliner
Day 24: Lancôme regenerating and replenishing care SPF15

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