Wednesday, 5 April 2017

March favourites

Hi again,
I have been thinking of some ideas for new blog posts recently so I can start uploading in between the monthly favs ๐Ÿ˜€

How has it got to another month already?

My favourites this month are a mixture of old and new items.

1.  The first favourite is another book I have read called Sister Sister by Sue Fortin.
I have been trying to get back into reading before I go on hop in a few weeks and I really enjoy it.  I have a 30 min train journey every morning so it passes the time quickly.  I don't want to give away what the book is about but I was hooked. There was a couple of twists in it that I really was not expecting.  I think I had read it in about 3 days.  Once I get hooked on a book I can't pout it down, so I need lots to read whilst I go away so if you have any recommendations please comment or tweet me @princesshailz1

2.  My next item is my Dr Lipp nipple balm ๐Ÿ˜‚ now this isn't what it sounds like!!
I bought this on the plane last year on my way to Cyprus and it is brilliant. I stopped using it for a while as it is really thick but I love to put it on every morning whilst I do my make up to hydrate my lips.  A small amount goes a long way, warmed up between my fingers before apply it.

3.  Revlon colour stay foundation (shade 250 fresh beige)
This has been well used as you can tell...I really need to buy some more!!  I have loved this foundation for a while but I started using it again recently.  I find it is a better easy to day shade for my skin tone whilst I am not pale but not super tanned.  It blends really well and lasts all day.

4.  The next product is Jack Wills body butter.  I love being tanned all year round and i do use the sunbeds now and then, but seeing as I am going away in area weeks I like to get a base tan so have been using the sunbeds more often.  Each night after I shower I use this body butter to moisturise my skin.  Its rubs in really well without leaving you feeling sticky and it smells divine.  I will also take this away with me as I like to use a moisturiser rather than an after sun.  I only tend to use after sun if I feel like I have caught the sun a bit too much!!

5.  The next is a mixture of products from Lancรดme. You have already seen these products in my advent calendar post but i have been using these each night as a routine.
I remove my make up with the cleansing fluid.  There is also a non oily sensitive eye cleanser which is brilliant for removing mascara.  I then use the toner to finish off the removal of my make up and before I apply the night cream.   There are a couple of different ones that I have so I alternate between them.  There is a beauty sleep perfect or which is more of a gel kind of formula and there is an anti stress moisturising cream which I mix in a couple of drops of the youth activating concentrate.  I also use the youth activating eye cream.
The products smell really nice and leave my face feeling revitalised.  They don't leave my skin oily either and they soak into the skin really well.

I know my favourites tend to be make up / beauty products but I will try and include some others in there over the next few months.  I will try and do a summer favourites blog to let you know my must have items when I am going away.

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Speak to you all soon.

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